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    “I am also full of energy, stronger and more toned.”

    “Although I have never really been considered overweight, I joined Symmetry Fitness Boot Camp because my self esteem was low and I wasn’t pleased with what I saw in the mirror. I was also greatly looking forward to getting rid of the dreaded “jiggly” parts.

    When I first joined Keegan’s boot camp, I felt tired, sluggish and really lacked energy and motivation. I couldn’t wait for class to be over and was constantly looking at my watch. After a couple of weeks, I noticed how much better I started to feel. I can honestly say that my boot camp class is now the highlight of my day and feel awful if I have to miss it. I am also full of energy, stronger and more toned. (I actually have definition in my arms!) I feel good about myself and plan on seeing even better results this next year. This fitness boot camp program is especially for you if you lack the motivation/dedication to go to the gym or work out alone. I personally need an extra push to work out and this fitness boot camp class provides it.

    In a nutshell, this fitness boot camp class makes you feel great. The other ladies are very supportive and have become friends. I was initially worried they would judge me and be the stereotypical “catty” group of women. I was so wrong. It’s a fun group and the session goes by quick. Hope to see you at boot camp!”

    Jackie F.