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    Testimonial Picture of Rochella (2)
    “I lost over 70 pounds”

    “Its crazy really, looking at the before picture I really didn’t realize how out of control my weight was. I have always been an active person, going to the gym every day doing active things on weekends, it seemed like I could do what I wanted to physically.

    I did struggle with my eating, I guess I just got comfortable. You tell yourself, “I am reading all the fitness magazines and diets books, I work out, this is just the way I am“ and you only look at your face in the mirror when you’re getting ready. If you don’t see a problem than it doesn’t exist, right? Then I started getting tired all the time, that’s when I knew something had to change.

    I thought I would try some personal training and see where I could improve. I didn’t immediately commit to eating right but I did commit to my fitness boot camp workouts three times a week, 45 minutes a session. I mean, I was already spending way more time then that at the gym, so it should be easy. I thought.
    My first fitness boot camp class was a shock! I immediately realized I had really been going nowhere on the treadmill all those years. So anyhow, over 70 pounds lighter, I still struggle at times with my eating. But the only time I’m tired now is right after really pushing myself at each amazing fitness boot camp workout. Oh and did I mention I lost over 70 pounds?? :)”

    To Keegan,
    “Honestly, I think you are the best! You have an awesome way with people. You empower them, which is SO important because excess weight weighs them down, physically, mentally and emotionally. Helping them feel better emotionally gets them moving which makes them feel and look better. It’s a wicked cycle that you get started! Thanks for helping me get healthier.”

    Many, many thanks